Supporters and Contributors

The National Assistance Card team wishes to thank the following businesses, organisations and stakeholders for their support.

The Australian Government Department of Social Services

The National Assistance Card Project is funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services.

The Brain Injury Association of Tasmania express their sincere appreciation to The Australian Government Department of Social Services for funding the Recognise, Respect, Respond, and Reform Program of which the National Assistance Card is an integral part of.

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People with lived experience of brain injury, and service providers

People with lived experience of brain injury and service providers have provided critical insight to the National Assistance Card Project.

The National Assistance Card team acknowledge and thank the National Assistance Card working group, Brain Injury Peer Support Groups, and other people with brain injury, their families, carers and service providers across Australia for providing their input and feedback to the National Assistance Card Project. Particular thanks to: Cate and Georgia Curwood, Jonathan McCall and Andrea Smith for your selflessness in speaking with the media about your brain injury and the National Assistance Card; the Working Group, consisting of volunteer members, for their time and expertise in testing the online application platform and Card resources; and to Andy Rodman and Nicho Baily for your promotional work in photo and video shoots.

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Business Software Tasmania

Business Software Tasmania created the National Assistance Card online application platform, working closely with the team on the design and functionality of the system.

Business Software Tasmania produce unique, best value and rapid solutions for your business IT, recommending or designing mission critical applications or websites. They are experts on payroll, invoicing, accounting, database, or stock control, especially integration with other systems.  They help with software selection, installation, configuration or customisation. The National Assistance Card team wish to thank Graham and his staff for their professionalism and dedication in the development of a complex purpose-built user-friendly online application platform. Central to this process has been the research and development of the functionality to enable applicants to take and upload a photo of themselves for their card, and have the option to script and record a video - linked to a QR code - of themselves talking about the impacts of their brain injury and/or how people in the community can assist them.

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Domin8 Designs

Domin8 Designs developed the National Assistance Card website, and worked with the team on the setup, implementation and design.

Domin8 Designs deliver affordable and professional web design to businesses, organisations and individuals in Hobart and across Tasmania. The National ASsistance Card team would like to thank Dominic Anastasio for your guidance and expertise in producing digital, video and written resources to support the National Assistance Card Project.

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Production Farm

Production Farm assisted the National Assistance card through their voice over production for the 'How To' explainer videos.

Production Farm delivers professional audio production and scriptwriting, from concept to completion, for clients across Australia. The National Assistance Card team wish to thank Cameron for his professionalism and prompt delivery of the voice over production for our application 'How To' videos.

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Apply For The National Assistance Card

Applications for the National Assistance Card are now available online through the secure application portal.
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