National Assistance Card Marks Two Years of Service

November 30, 2023

The National Assistance Card Service is proud to celebrate its second birthday in December 2023, celebrating a milestone of cards issued and reflecting on the previous twelve months.

The National Assistance Card is pleased to commemorate its second anniversary in December 2023, a milestone that reflects the project's commitment to Australians with disability and raising community awareness and support.

As the National Assistance Card service team reflect on the past twelve months, particular highlights include:

The Card's Impact By Numbers

Over the past year, the National Assistance Card reached a significant milestone issuing cards to over 500 individuals across Australia.

This achievement highlights the growing need for, and acceptance of, the Card as an important communication tool in everyday life.

Real Stories, Real Impact

A key focus in 2023 has been sharing people’s experiences with the National Assistance Card.

Sharing testimonials from cardholders, and services, businesses and organisations who support the Card, helps to highlight the effectiveness of the Card throughout the community.

"Having the Card is very helpful, I am very conscious now that I am not embarrassed to say 'I have a brain injury and I can’t understand you, can you please speak slowly'. It has given me confidence to ask people to slow down."
- David, Cardholder

More testimonials like David's, along with an option for others to share their experiences, are available on the testimonials page.

Multimedia Engagement: Videos and Digital Resources

The National Assistance Card has also developed new resources, including our "Business, Services and Government Services" Overview video which clearly details important information such as:

  • an overview of the Card
  • how to respond when shown a Card
  • the Card's practical benefits

This video, along with all our resources for cardholders and the wider community, can be found in the comprehensive digital library (also launched this year) on the Card's website.

You can visit the digital library here or view the Business, Services and Government Services - Overview Video here.

Updated Resources for Service Providers and Businesses

Another key activity has been the creation of Information Packs for service providers and businesses.

The Information Packs simplify the ways that service providers, businesses and organisations can learn about the National Assistance Card, as well as making actionable tasks easier - such as raising awareness by sharing pre-made text and links on a social media platform or accessing the 'How to Apply' guides to support clients to apply for a Card.

The Information Packs are crucial tools for enhancing cardholders support networks and can be found here for service providers and here for businesses.

Brain Injury Awareness Week 2023

The National Assistance Card is currently available for all people living with brain injury across Australia* - therefore, the Card was pleased to help celebrate Brain Injury Awareness Week in 2023.

A specific focus of the week was updating the website's helpful links section with additional information on brain injury service providers across Australia, reinforcing the National Assistance Card’s role in support and awareness.

*In Tasmania, the Card is also being trialled with the autistic community.

Collaboration: Working With Hobart Airport

Another highlight from the past twelve months was the opportunity to work with Hobart Airport, in collaboration with Autism Tasmania, to create video footage of cardholder Lisa using her Card in an everyday situation – checking in at the airport.

The filming opportunity was a fantastic way to showcase how businesses, organisations and government services can show support for cardholders and the Card, with the footage being used across a variety of videos and social media posts.

TheNational Assistance Card again thank Hobart Airport, and all our supporters.

Looking Forward

As the National Assistance Card steps into its third year, we look forward to continuing to provide a practical communication tool that can assist people with disability in the community and increase understanding and awareness of disability.

The journey so far has been a testament to the value of the National Assistance Card and the need for initiatives like the Card in fostering inclusive communities.

The National Assistance Card hope that, in the future, the Card will be available to all people with disability in Australia.

For more information about the National Assistance Card visit:

Graphic of person handing over a National Assistance Card overlaid with text about the Card's second birthday.

Apply For The National Assistance Card

Applications for the National Assistance Card are now available online through the secure application portal.
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