Comprehensive Service Provider Information Pack Launched

September 14, 2023

Discover the National Assistance Card's new Information Pack for Service Providers, providing information and resources to support clients to apply and raise awareness of the Card, encouraging positive community interactions.

The National Assistance Card Service is pleased to announce the launch of a new Information Pack specifically designed for service providers.

Raising awareness of the National Assistance Card and supporting clients to apply will help to create a more inclusive and informed community, through enhanced understanding and support for people with disabilities and health conditions.

The newly launched Information Pack provides a comprehensive guide for service providers, offering a wealth of resources to help raise awareness of the Card with staff, clients and the wider community. From eligibility checks to step-by-step guides and FAQs, the pack is designed to streamline the process for service providers, making it easier to support clients in applying for a Card.

Service providers can access a range of resources including videos and written guides to facilitate the application process. The National Assistance Card service also offers the possibility to book online information sessions tailored to specific audiences, ensuring that service providers and their clients are well informed.

We invite all service providers to explore the new information pack and join us in promoting and raising awareness of the National Assistance Card.

To learn more about the information pack visit the Information for Service Providers hub on our website.

Apply For The National Assistance Card

Applications for the National Assistance Card are now available online through the secure application portal.
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